Tuesday, December 28, 2010


 Man, I was gonna say ladies, can't we all just get along, but now i think about it alot these men today start acting like "BITCHES". This would be the only time I would say, MAN UP! I don't like to say that but I understand a man should also have an entitlement to his feelings but I just had to blog on this subject, between everybody in this world. If you let all your resentment out as soon as your feeling a certain way it would be easier for you to be happy because your not holding it all in. I do for sure, I may hurt feelings at times, but I will say how I feel at that particular moment or I'd explode and it be really nasty and it's up to the other person if they wanna forgive my side of the feelings or not, if they don't then it's their loss. I've said what I felt. I'm no longer here to impress the world or certain people in my life, my grandmother does teach me to be the better person at times and forgive and forget. Well, I've gotten better with time in discussing things with her since she seems to be the only real damn person on this planet with common sence.
 My thing is I feel these days alot of people take almost everything important in their life for granted, well sometimes I think most these people need a major loss in their life to rethink whats really important, like family and certain real friends. Gosh, I resented so many in my life in my past, God blessed me recently after some of the big losses I went through with my husband, I feel stronger now then ever and now we're blessed soon with a little girl on the way, people wake the fuck up, your kids are learning bad patterns of jealousy and hatred from "YOU". That's your personal jealousy and issues it really not right to get those thoughts about certain people or family members in the child's head because of you issues. Let the kid be who they are and not you, bad parenting my thought. Get your feelings out upfront, deal your fucking families, be true to the game muthafucker's like you state you are, DEAL WITH IT PERSONALLY NOT IN FRONT OF KIDS. I'm being a preacher here but in a blunt way, it's how I feel, so just saying though and this is for my favrite readers who keep up with my creations and thoughts to share. Don't go visit your family when their half dying and in the hospital or show up to their funerals if you were jealous or have issue for no big deal type of reasons or sometimes people lack their families because their unhappy with their life. Unless they disrespected you and even the men these days, man who gives a fuck what he got or she got, get your own bitch, then you can be just as happy or whatever your petty reason are for hating on people. What goes around does come around believe that maybe your so hating on her or him because where your at in your life, be happy for them, get what you really want in life.
People also these days are so materialistic, I feel like before anyone gets their husband or wife, mom or dad, to buy them a car or house everyone should have to get a bike first before the car and a apartment before they can purchase a house to see the difference of the world and what it's really like to really own up to that materialistic bullshit you like to brag about. Most little girls or boys get things from their parents and they grow up a bitch, well not all, but most. Best believe if my kids disrespect me or my husband or ungrateful for the things we provide for them best believe that shits getting taken back. I can get angry at family and I can also in short time if the person is sincere or me having my grandmothers thoughts in my head to be the better person, I don't need close relatives drama issues or even close frineds but I will state my case too, it's for my freedom of speech except I don't need to do it behind the back first. Man, I still so young and healthy I have time and plan on going back to college to show my daughter whats the right thing to do here on that note. I lived on all sides of the fence, homeless for few months in the streets at one point, I lived good with my grandmother, mom, and four aunts til I was seven, I lived in a house with my dad for short many years, and 18 I hit the road on my own, paying rent at aunts house and so forth. Recently. I packed up my bags with the hubby after a year of both being jobless and hitting down South Florida from the cold Philadelphia City, not knowing where we were going to land when we got there but knowing what we all been through in our lives and belief in eachother found a hotel to stay and shelter til we're ready to pack and move again into our 2 bedroom apartment moving on up again, but this time with our babygirl. There is so much more to learn and grow in life I never stayed where I was unhappy I stick and move and most people complain about what they do have in their lives, but do nothing about it and are miserable them people really got no clue on real earning and working in life getting things on their own, it's taking me forever to complete certain things like collge and so forth because yes I could have had help but husband or parents bu I wanna try to get it and earn it myself, I've indeed traveled far, learned from some mistakes, got wiser then I ever was, so ladies and gentlemen before you wanna talk shit or not be there for whats really important in life in front of you, first remember, "CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG", the world would be a better off place, even for the kids growing up.

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Friday, December 17, 2010


 You can get served with this, you can get serve with that, you get served with this or you can get served like that, you can get served like shit, you can get served in tact, I aint getting served like this, cause this is not where I'm at. Huh, it's funny when I step into a restaurant these days I try to step into the classy type, but the affordable restaurants depending on my budget. Unless I'm not in a Burger King or Taco Bell and into a more fancy spot to get my grub on I better first recognize the service with a smile or it's gonna kill my momentum in getting into making love to my food. Good food to me, I know I'm a little nutty at times but, good food in a good restaurant is like good sex. Unless there is a postive vibe in the air and a comfort feeling it just makes me eat and wanna get off on the run for the border if some know what I mean. This is the funny part, if there's no satisfaction at the end of the total service well then, this means no tippy tippy for the bitchy bitchy as I would say. Sometimes when me and the hubby go out for dinner he asks how much you think I should tip? You think he or she showed good service? Most of the time I let him decide when he's paying but, when I pay since I enjoy trying new restaurants and eating out alot I like to go by the overall service of the place, even including how the food service timing was and how often whether too much or too little did the waiter or waitress check on us for more service. I think I can say I'm pretty fair but, I often become bitchy bitchy myself when the food not fulfilling to my satisfaction and or service and I may leave a penny for a thought to get my point simply across.
   Lol, I remember about a year ago after I first moved to Florida, me and the hubby decided to try this Asian Buffet and yes the girls did check on refills for the soda but rarely at all I needed at least a few and I rarely had seen the waitress at all for refills or to take away our used plates and we had few on the table empty which most buffets they usually come by often to clear some room on the tables for the next dishes. Well, I was trying to rationalize the whole place that it is just a buffet so I was letting it go though I did wanna say something about it. On secondhand, the food from the Asian buffet was very very cold I almost wanted to leave but I was starving. When finally after awhile of waiting for the check I had told the waitress that the food was really cold and not that great this and all the girl said was yeah and she gave a nasty look and stood there and I was getting the money out. Ha, well I thought she would a t least cut some money from the bill or let the manager know at least but for her not really showing any emotion or letting a manager know it was kind of like a "Oh well" type of attitude. Oh well, then that attitude got that bitch a penny tip. She unfortunately looked pissed so I said sorry no tippy tippy and I will never show my face there again. When there are times in good service and service with a smile and not those fake smiles I do tip well from up to ten bucks and that is considered great for the classy but reasonable places I do show to. Even at nail salons when I go to the asians spots to get my eyebrows waxed they all love when I come in cause I tip five to ten for just that when they usually get only two dollars per tip, so waiters, waitresses, and servers of any type of business, make sure you first give that service with a smile! CAROL-J STYLE! Make sure you comment below and join my page here if you haven't join now it's fast and easy.


  Naughty or nice? Christmas these days, have our times really did change! I never really realized how easy it is staying a child, i miss the shit out of those days, and why is it that we still give a shit about getting nice and some of those expensive gifts from our loved ones and so forth? Don't get me wrong, I still except gifts and enjoy gifts from people because I enjoy the fact that some of these bastards still really give a shit about me, but, what frustrates me is that some of the things that we get these bastards don't seem to be good enough for them. I sometimes hear people complain and bitch that OMG, that cheap mother fucker bought me a mug, or I got some cheap ass slipper socks from my co-worker, well, who died and made you their bitch lol!  Least some cheap mother fucker thought about you and maybe did'nt know exactly what you liked and thought slipper socks could be useful or maybe you just been a naughty girl or boy and that's just what you got.
 Christmas time these days should be mainly for the kids anyway. It is such a major pain in the ass and pressure even though I really enjoy giving for the holidays than receiving and whatever it is you get from me is what you get, I thought about you, at least I didn't bring you coal like old Saint Nick. One person I do really enjoy getting for is my husband, he made getting gifts for this holiday worth it and special because he is the most appreciative person to get for, he enjoys of the thought that counts, he never asks me for nothing so it just makes me wanna spoil him like a fat kid loves cake. My husband will wear anything and I mean almost anything I get for him and I can tell he really likes it, after all it was thanks to a simple taco that brought us together, lol. I do enjoy trying to buy for my family, but now that I'm having a daughter this year of my own with my husband so next year it's gonna be a little difficult to buy for other's next year so maybe it will just be the Christmas cards then since I got my own to manage for and make special which I gotta figure out and save way in advance to make it a good one for her too like I did have when I was a child because I always did get spoiled by my mom and dad on Christmas. It's funny still to this day at 29, I was just recently back home for Thanksgiving for three weeks and close to time I left in December, my mother went all out and I went home with an extra huge luggage of clothes, jewlry, and sneakers added with my baby shower. So yeah I can be a spoiled little brat, but thanks mom and dad I did always appreciate my Christmas's. 
 Now, living in Florida and away from so many people I know can be really difficult around holidays and birthdays but I gotta admit having a family with over 49 cousins total and a trillion aunts, uncles, and cousins who your very close to is a little less hassle and pressure because I always went all out and got so many of them and it's like you try not to exclude anyone but alot of them I had to or I would have needed 20,000 a year just for presents alone, whew I'm whiping the sweat from my forehead already. So maybe I have been a little naughty myself trying to exscape the hassle of spending, spending, and spending on my bastards who cross my mind on Christmas day lol, now off to the Christmas cards with a note that you still crossed my mind.
 Tree decorating with the Christmas tunes and the hot chocolate, coffee, or tea, now that's what I'm talking about. Still enjoy the giving here in Flordia for the few cool few friends and their kids is cool enough now that there's little less people, now this is good for me and having to wrap only few gifts instead of a trillion and my wrapping paper frustrations from going from neat to chaotic wrapping less fortunate. God, our Lord, now thats a Christmas gift in itself I need to get back to this year especially now that I'm having my daughter on the way, at least I gotta get back to going especially on Christmas since I had really had slacked over the years. The point is anyway for this Hot Topic lingering on my mind tonight is that fact that the little things is what should make this holiday special not what kind of ring did he get you or how many things they got YOU, it the special thing that they thought about you for the money they can afford to spend in this difficult economy, the world today compared to old times is that we all need to be a little more understanding in hard times and be greatful for these small things we are blessed with. Sometimes I think most people just get what they deserve, I'm just saying though. What's your thoughts for Christmas these days? Have you been naughty or nice?        CAROL-J HOT TOPIC says "MERRY CHRISTMAS"!


Saturday, August 28, 2010


     Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, where has he Bean? Born January 6, 1955, this English Comedian was raised in Consett, England. He was an actor and writer known for playing title roles in mainly U.K. television. He was raised by farmer parents and educated at Dorham, Choristers School and studied electrical engineering at Newcastle University. After Newcastle University, he attended Oxford (Queen's College), starting his comedy career. The beginning success of his careerwas his starring in his medieval sitcom called "The Black Adder" which he also co-wrote this sitcom with Richard Curtis in the year 1983. The following year after his most known creation was his speechless comedy form of " Mr. Bean". Mr. Bean was a half hour special on what was called Thames Television, which I'm little unsure of "Thames". The point is he made television for some time.
   In the year 2003, Atkinson, or as some may know him as Mr. Bean was named one of the 50 funniest acts in British Comedy. Believe it or not this man has earned about 60 million dollars in his film and comedy acts of his lifetime. His hobbies these days is collecting fast cars which is stated he has a large beautiful home and several car models. Mr.Bean if you know this or not starred as Zazu in "The Lion King", played a part in "Hot Shots, Part Duex", "Rat Race", "Scooby Doo", many others and of course "Bean 2". I bet now days he is retired and chilling with his wife that he married in 1990 and his 2 children sitting back in their comfortable home. Yes, this man did mac some game, lol! Who would think a odd looking and strange comedian like this could pull and keep the bait? His wife is ok looking though. Then again look also at Flava Flav, and all the model bait on his show wanted him pulled in lol, shows money makes loving a person. I'm just surprised anyone would want Flava Flav. Love or the money? What do you ladies think now days? Question answered on my behalf off the main subject and on a persnal mind frame I say the love before material things, I could never marry rich and feel like a trophey wife at home most of the time, I'm no matter what single or married I rather get my own and hold my own also that's why I'm trying my best to get there it is hard whithout the better half's help, maybe I'm just different, idk. I like my relationship on same money income level maybe him or me just a little more than the other, but not so much richer, it's not how it always is in this economy, but that's how I prefer it. Anyway's, ending this blog, just where has this man Bean these days? By the way, if you ever wind up in a locker room with this guy or in a gym, make sure your not wearing Bean's or another man's pants! Feel free to comment below I would love to read your opinions on the discussion board and "CAROL-J'S HOT TOPIC" of the week.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


        SAY WHAT! They are calling this COMEDY! Well, at least they got the title right for this movie, "Vampires Suck". I must admit I am a major fan of vampire movies too and this mimic, "Vampires Suck" so called comedy of one of my favorite movies, "Twilight Eclipse", but man they just had to spoil this one. Also, what happened to coming up with our own creation or ideas these days. Why do we have to take parts similiar to another movie and another's idea and get in the big scenes with it and make actual money from it. These theives! I personally don't believe in getting rich from other's piece of creations, especially by trying to make it funny and it's totally ridiculous, I just can't give the support or respect. This by far from what I've seen has got to be the worst trailer of any movie I've seen in awhile.
        Distributed by 20th Century Fox and produced by Peter Safran, Aaron Seltzer, and Jason Friedburg this movie was realeased August 18th, 2010. It is rated PG13 with some sexual content, violence, and inapporopriate language. The most known star in this movie is Ken Jeong. Ken Jeong is a okay actor but has got many roles in other known movies that were quite popular such as one of my favorites, "Transformers 3", he played a voice of a talk show called "Dispicable Me", played Mr. Chow in the movie "The Hangover", and Dr. Kuni in the movie "Knocked Up". This so called hilarious comedy is based on a mimic copycat comedy form of the "Twilight Eclipse" characters but just with different actors looking similar and parts depicted in a funny form lol. I mean come on people who like actually like this movie, the guy in the trailer pictures the girl's face turn into a big cheeseburger, then attacks her, is that not hilarious ha ha ha, im falling on the floor right now. No seriously! Anyway the story is abouth a girl named Becca, she is torn between two boys, uhh umm, sounds familiar, her and her friends come to drama with other vampires and the settlement ends her problems at the prom. I will not tell the rest for all you Vampire fans who will probably see this movie anyways. The trailer for those who have not yet viewed is at the top of this post please feel free to comment and also newcomers make sure you click on follower at the right hand side of the top of this page where you see my little icon cartoon real small. I f you can't find it like some had a hard time feel free to let me know and I'll help. It's very easy to comment and no you don't need to be part of the blogging community to voice your opinions, Thanks for reading up again and enjoying my posts thats why I continue to write for thise who said they enjoyed.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Should Critics Criticize Eminem' feat. Rihanna's "LOVE THE WAY U LIE" VIDEO? Or is it too HOT for them to handle?

Ohhhhh here we Go! Go! Goooooo! Critics? Are they cold as the cold wind blows or is the video too hot for them to handle? Well, how we should have known ladies and gentlemen our great incredible Eminem has pulled another great one from out of his lab. Director, Joseph Khan, also director on works of Lady GaGa, 50 Cent, Gwen Stephani, and many other's famous stars has team up with Eminem featured with "Rihanna" and filmed his new video at #1 in BillBoard Magazine for three consequetive weeks in a row, "LOVE THE WAY U LIE".  From my personal point of view and many many fans think this video is heat and sexy dangerous. Megan Fox from former movie "Transformer's" was a sexy choice for the video with her smooching actor, "Dominic Monaghan" in the domestic chemistry of fire. Wow, I wonder how David Green felt watching that one, lol, it almost looked as if they both forgot the caste was filming! Just that is what great acting is though in my opinion.
The filming was directed in L.A. and the video itself depicts a couple going through what a lot of people in our society's world go through when their in a domestic violent or abusive relationship. The critics are harping on almost everything Em touches because I think of his past album's of him talking about choking or killing in his songs. I think this album is incredible because look at our world today, his album's are not actually just based on him, he never killed anyone or done half of what he rapped about, even if he did think about doing the stuff he rapped about, but what he raps about does happen in this world's reality. I think Eminem has grown smarter and on a more mature level as he was going through his detoxing and relapses. It made him a better artist and he is gaining more and more respect and more people are voting on more awards for his music and now he's becoming a great producer in the business. The fire in the video throughout the house i think is like a metaphor for couples that are combustible to eachother and they seemed to both be victims of domestic violence, yeah sort of like "Rihanna and "Chris Brown's" situation. R&B singer, Rihanna, was such a great decoy  for the video because I know it had to be little difficult for her but also great in the sense she could play her part well in the chorus verse because she could really understand and play her small but big part. Rihanna has come along way since that scenario despite how some just seem to love to hate, she's still great, famous, and rich bitches remember that! Sometimes it feels so good to say something so bad don't it? Sad, but true. "Love The Way You Lie" official Eminem feat. Rihanna with the sexy actors Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan should be aired on "MTV" for the first viewing was able to be viewed this past Thursday at 9p.m. so go check this out or look it up on "U-Tube" videos if if didn't see this go view it today. You comment and decide below under my comments, what's your input on the video filming, and caste member's. Should these critic's really be right on depicting how bad it is to show this video because it portrays domestic abusive relationship violence or did you think it's ok because it's based on reality and can teach our kids what to stay away from? What is your honest opinion? Really but first don't just judge by the video itself, hear the lyrics!

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First Pregnancies/First Trimesters:Little bout Me and "How You First Knew"

OMGoshhhh ! Writing my first blog never made me feel so sick! I am trying to type this and im feeling each stroke of key turn my stomache maybe its my first blog jitters or the orange juice my unborn child dislikes. My husband been doing this for some years on here also, he blogs on comic book art and video games. I just started, and what do you know it's also my first trimester of me finding out I'm prego. This is gonna be a little unsual blog then what I'm normally gonna post on or write about because well it's a little scary for me now that I'm discovering this new little me. It's funny I just married two years ago, just recently relocated from Philadelphia to Orlando to pursue my music career. I actually got to meet a indie Grammy Award Winning producer that was in "Billboard Magazine" for the artist he produced and won in which he was and still is later on gonna help me out hopefully after i raise a little more cash for my album. It's funny too, I was actually on my way to have this nice opportunity out in Vegas performing on huge stage in front of hundreds of people and A&R's for twenty-five minutes next year in March, but that's when the baby's born lol. Wait! Hold on, I'm feeling nausious again.
Ohhh man, it's crazy how this feeling comes and goes. Back to what i was saying though, it's like when one opportunity comes so many more bundles of joy comes into your life, but you know what that's how I know they'll be plenty more opportunities for me, i really need to get on my grind now with all the extra to save for. I didn't even think I could have a child because of my seizure medication and some other health problems I had, I been with my husband almost 10 years total now and never got pregnant until now. We thought we would have to adopt just few weeks ago and here we are now blessed. For now in the time being weak, tired, sick day to day, i decided i'll get into a little blogging and music writing and life doesn't stop like some say when there's a baby on the way. You just gotta make sure you still take care of your responsibility as a mother, father, or so forth and make sure you make time for them and make family time. So moms and dad, find ways in your life to continue doing what it is you love to do, there's millions of opportunities. Hopefully, my child will get opportunities like me in the future and maybe be like mommy lol or you daddy, we can't exclude the daddies.

Now I wanna know some stories ladies, how you first knew you were pregnant? Did you go to the doctor's, wind up in the hospital for something and just found out while you were there, did it jump out the toilet and bite you lol, no i'm just kidding on that one, or did you start craving this strange mix like this story this guy i know told me his wife started craving sugar and mayonaise sandwhiches, ewwwww. I would like to knw if there's anymore actually of those strange cravings like this out there, I would like to really hear some more stories like this. My personal story is nothing too extraudinary I had just been few weeks late on my period, which I'm usually late anyways because of my seizure medication I take it throws me little off but, I knew it was little more late then the normal late. It was funny cause I always was saying to my husband i think I'm regnant almost every month I been late and he got to the point saying "Look I know you'll be pregnant if your two months late, lol" but this time when I said it he said for the first time "Well, you could be." Then this time i just let it go until after I went down to my friends house and she said from noticing the shirt I had on, "Carol, OMG, your pregnant, your stomach looks shaped how I was when I was pregnant with my son." Well, I just laughed and said no I'm not, it's probabley from all the fast food we been having at Taco Bell, McDonald's, and partying. Guess what, 2 days later i took pregnancy test and now I'm blessed. Then to be certain I waited three more days to take another one and same positve blessing with the fact I started dryheaving that same day, I said yep for sure now. Weeks prior I been so moody and even did something unsual like stupidly quit my job because of the Company made me so miserable and was so full of shit in their promises and treats employees like doormats, but now im thinking it must have been part of my hormones for just leaving with no backup because I now discovered I been pregnant since time i quit so this must marked the beginning of my raging pregnaancy hormones. I found out from the hospital few nights ago that I am 6 weeks now and 11 days, baby is due March 12, 2011. I had to get rushed to hospital because I was really sick one afternoon with a raging headache for over 4 days it was getting extremely worse. They took my vitals and had to put me in "Acute Care" for most of the night because I had high blood pressure and high blood sugar from body changes happening through my pregancy, so they labeled me as "high risk" with the fact I have "Epilepsey" even though I haven't had a seizure in 16 years that I know about. So that sums it up for me for now, just lots of headaches, extreme exhaustion and sleeping constantly, dizziness, and dryheaving here and there. I am really nervous though bout pushing out this watermelon when i'm like a baby with a papercut lol, but i would love to hear some stories from mother's out there and you can also blog little about yourself, I would love to hear from you. Thanks for Reading if you had time! CAROL-J (Blogs2OPinions)

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