Saturday, August 21, 2010


        SAY WHAT! They are calling this COMEDY! Well, at least they got the title right for this movie, "Vampires Suck". I must admit I am a major fan of vampire movies too and this mimic, "Vampires Suck" so called comedy of one of my favorite movies, "Twilight Eclipse", but man they just had to spoil this one. Also, what happened to coming up with our own creation or ideas these days. Why do we have to take parts similiar to another movie and another's idea and get in the big scenes with it and make actual money from it. These theives! I personally don't believe in getting rich from other's piece of creations, especially by trying to make it funny and it's totally ridiculous, I just can't give the support or respect. This by far from what I've seen has got to be the worst trailer of any movie I've seen in awhile.
        Distributed by 20th Century Fox and produced by Peter Safran, Aaron Seltzer, and Jason Friedburg this movie was realeased August 18th, 2010. It is rated PG13 with some sexual content, violence, and inapporopriate language. The most known star in this movie is Ken Jeong. Ken Jeong is a okay actor but has got many roles in other known movies that were quite popular such as one of my favorites, "Transformers 3", he played a voice of a talk show called "Dispicable Me", played Mr. Chow in the movie "The Hangover", and Dr. Kuni in the movie "Knocked Up". This so called hilarious comedy is based on a mimic copycat comedy form of the "Twilight Eclipse" characters but just with different actors looking similar and parts depicted in a funny form lol. I mean come on people who like actually like this movie, the guy in the trailer pictures the girl's face turn into a big cheeseburger, then attacks her, is that not hilarious ha ha ha, im falling on the floor right now. No seriously! Anyway the story is abouth a girl named Becca, she is torn between two boys, uhh umm, sounds familiar, her and her friends come to drama with other vampires and the settlement ends her problems at the prom. I will not tell the rest for all you Vampire fans who will probably see this movie anyways. The trailer for those who have not yet viewed is at the top of this post please feel free to comment and also newcomers make sure you click on follower at the right hand side of the top of this page where you see my little icon cartoon real small. I f you can't find it like some had a hard time feel free to let me know and I'll help. It's very easy to comment and no you don't need to be part of the blogging community to voice your opinions, Thanks for reading up again and enjoying my posts thats why I continue to write for thise who said they enjoyed.


  1. Haevn't seen this movie yet, but I know I'm gonna LOVE it!! The fact that it's a stupid movie is the whole point. Its no more stupid(er) then the movies that it's spoofing!!