Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First Pregnancies/First Trimesters:Little bout Me and "How You First Knew"

OMGoshhhh ! Writing my first blog never made me feel so sick! I am trying to type this and im feeling each stroke of key turn my stomache maybe its my first blog jitters or the orange juice my unborn child dislikes. My husband been doing this for some years on here also, he blogs on comic book art and video games. I just started, and what do you know it's also my first trimester of me finding out I'm prego. This is gonna be a little unsual blog then what I'm normally gonna post on or write about because well it's a little scary for me now that I'm discovering this new little me. It's funny I just married two years ago, just recently relocated from Philadelphia to Orlando to pursue my music career. I actually got to meet a indie Grammy Award Winning producer that was in "Billboard Magazine" for the artist he produced and won in which he was and still is later on gonna help me out hopefully after i raise a little more cash for my album. It's funny too, I was actually on my way to have this nice opportunity out in Vegas performing on huge stage in front of hundreds of people and A&R's for twenty-five minutes next year in March, but that's when the baby's born lol. Wait! Hold on, I'm feeling nausious again.
Ohhh man, it's crazy how this feeling comes and goes. Back to what i was saying though, it's like when one opportunity comes so many more bundles of joy comes into your life, but you know what that's how I know they'll be plenty more opportunities for me, i really need to get on my grind now with all the extra to save for. I didn't even think I could have a child because of my seizure medication and some other health problems I had, I been with my husband almost 10 years total now and never got pregnant until now. We thought we would have to adopt just few weeks ago and here we are now blessed. For now in the time being weak, tired, sick day to day, i decided i'll get into a little blogging and music writing and life doesn't stop like some say when there's a baby on the way. You just gotta make sure you still take care of your responsibility as a mother, father, or so forth and make sure you make time for them and make family time. So moms and dad, find ways in your life to continue doing what it is you love to do, there's millions of opportunities. Hopefully, my child will get opportunities like me in the future and maybe be like mommy lol or you daddy, we can't exclude the daddies.

Now I wanna know some stories ladies, how you first knew you were pregnant? Did you go to the doctor's, wind up in the hospital for something and just found out while you were there, did it jump out the toilet and bite you lol, no i'm just kidding on that one, or did you start craving this strange mix like this story this guy i know told me his wife started craving sugar and mayonaise sandwhiches, ewwwww. I would like to knw if there's anymore actually of those strange cravings like this out there, I would like to really hear some more stories like this. My personal story is nothing too extraudinary I had just been few weeks late on my period, which I'm usually late anyways because of my seizure medication I take it throws me little off but, I knew it was little more late then the normal late. It was funny cause I always was saying to my husband i think I'm regnant almost every month I been late and he got to the point saying "Look I know you'll be pregnant if your two months late, lol" but this time when I said it he said for the first time "Well, you could be." Then this time i just let it go until after I went down to my friends house and she said from noticing the shirt I had on, "Carol, OMG, your pregnant, your stomach looks shaped how I was when I was pregnant with my son." Well, I just laughed and said no I'm not, it's probabley from all the fast food we been having at Taco Bell, McDonald's, and partying. Guess what, 2 days later i took pregnancy test and now I'm blessed. Then to be certain I waited three more days to take another one and same positve blessing with the fact I started dryheaving that same day, I said yep for sure now. Weeks prior I been so moody and even did something unsual like stupidly quit my job because of the Company made me so miserable and was so full of shit in their promises and treats employees like doormats, but now im thinking it must have been part of my hormones for just leaving with no backup because I now discovered I been pregnant since time i quit so this must marked the beginning of my raging pregnaancy hormones. I found out from the hospital few nights ago that I am 6 weeks now and 11 days, baby is due March 12, 2011. I had to get rushed to hospital because I was really sick one afternoon with a raging headache for over 4 days it was getting extremely worse. They took my vitals and had to put me in "Acute Care" for most of the night because I had high blood pressure and high blood sugar from body changes happening through my pregancy, so they labeled me as "high risk" with the fact I have "Epilepsey" even though I haven't had a seizure in 16 years that I know about. So that sums it up for me for now, just lots of headaches, extreme exhaustion and sleeping constantly, dizziness, and dryheaving here and there. I am really nervous though bout pushing out this watermelon when i'm like a baby with a papercut lol, but i would love to hear some stories from mother's out there and you can also blog little about yourself, I would love to hear from you. Thanks for Reading if you had time! CAROL-J (Blogs2OPinions)

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