Friday, August 6, 2010

Should Critics Criticize Eminem' feat. Rihanna's "LOVE THE WAY U LIE" VIDEO? Or is it too HOT for them to handle?

Ohhhhh here we Go! Go! Goooooo! Critics? Are they cold as the cold wind blows or is the video too hot for them to handle? Well, how we should have known ladies and gentlemen our great incredible Eminem has pulled another great one from out of his lab. Director, Joseph Khan, also director on works of Lady GaGa, 50 Cent, Gwen Stephani, and many other's famous stars has team up with Eminem featured with "Rihanna" and filmed his new video at #1 in BillBoard Magazine for three consequetive weeks in a row, "LOVE THE WAY U LIE".  From my personal point of view and many many fans think this video is heat and sexy dangerous. Megan Fox from former movie "Transformer's" was a sexy choice for the video with her smooching actor, "Dominic Monaghan" in the domestic chemistry of fire. Wow, I wonder how David Green felt watching that one, lol, it almost looked as if they both forgot the caste was filming! Just that is what great acting is though in my opinion.
The filming was directed in L.A. and the video itself depicts a couple going through what a lot of people in our society's world go through when their in a domestic violent or abusive relationship. The critics are harping on almost everything Em touches because I think of his past album's of him talking about choking or killing in his songs. I think this album is incredible because look at our world today, his album's are not actually just based on him, he never killed anyone or done half of what he rapped about, even if he did think about doing the stuff he rapped about, but what he raps about does happen in this world's reality. I think Eminem has grown smarter and on a more mature level as he was going through his detoxing and relapses. It made him a better artist and he is gaining more and more respect and more people are voting on more awards for his music and now he's becoming a great producer in the business. The fire in the video throughout the house i think is like a metaphor for couples that are combustible to eachother and they seemed to both be victims of domestic violence, yeah sort of like "Rihanna and "Chris Brown's" situation. R&B singer, Rihanna, was such a great decoy  for the video because I know it had to be little difficult for her but also great in the sense she could play her part well in the chorus verse because she could really understand and play her small but big part. Rihanna has come along way since that scenario despite how some just seem to love to hate, she's still great, famous, and rich bitches remember that! Sometimes it feels so good to say something so bad don't it? Sad, but true. "Love The Way You Lie" official Eminem feat. Rihanna with the sexy actors Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan should be aired on "MTV" for the first viewing was able to be viewed this past Thursday at 9p.m. so go check this out or look it up on "U-Tube" videos if if didn't see this go view it today. You comment and decide below under my comments, what's your input on the video filming, and caste member's. Should these critic's really be right on depicting how bad it is to show this video because it portrays domestic abusive relationship violence or did you think it's ok because it's based on reality and can teach our kids what to stay away from? What is your honest opinion? Really but first don't just judge by the video itself, hear the lyrics!

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