Saturday, August 28, 2010


     Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, where has he Bean? Born January 6, 1955, this English Comedian was raised in Consett, England. He was an actor and writer known for playing title roles in mainly U.K. television. He was raised by farmer parents and educated at Dorham, Choristers School and studied electrical engineering at Newcastle University. After Newcastle University, he attended Oxford (Queen's College), starting his comedy career. The beginning success of his careerwas his starring in his medieval sitcom called "The Black Adder" which he also co-wrote this sitcom with Richard Curtis in the year 1983. The following year after his most known creation was his speechless comedy form of " Mr. Bean". Mr. Bean was a half hour special on what was called Thames Television, which I'm little unsure of "Thames". The point is he made television for some time.
   In the year 2003, Atkinson, or as some may know him as Mr. Bean was named one of the 50 funniest acts in British Comedy. Believe it or not this man has earned about 60 million dollars in his film and comedy acts of his lifetime. His hobbies these days is collecting fast cars which is stated he has a large beautiful home and several car models. Mr.Bean if you know this or not starred as Zazu in "The Lion King", played a part in "Hot Shots, Part Duex", "Rat Race", "Scooby Doo", many others and of course "Bean 2". I bet now days he is retired and chilling with his wife that he married in 1990 and his 2 children sitting back in their comfortable home. Yes, this man did mac some game, lol! Who would think a odd looking and strange comedian like this could pull and keep the bait? His wife is ok looking though. Then again look also at Flava Flav, and all the model bait on his show wanted him pulled in lol, shows money makes loving a person. I'm just surprised anyone would want Flava Flav. Love or the money? What do you ladies think now days? Question answered on my behalf off the main subject and on a persnal mind frame I say the love before material things, I could never marry rich and feel like a trophey wife at home most of the time, I'm no matter what single or married I rather get my own and hold my own also that's why I'm trying my best to get there it is hard whithout the better half's help, maybe I'm just different, idk. I like my relationship on same money income level maybe him or me just a little more than the other, but not so much richer, it's not how it always is in this economy, but that's how I prefer it. Anyway's, ending this blog, just where has this man Bean these days? By the way, if you ever wind up in a locker room with this guy or in a gym, make sure your not wearing Bean's or another man's pants! Feel free to comment below I would love to read your opinions on the discussion board and "CAROL-J'S HOT TOPIC" of the week.

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