Friday, December 17, 2010


  Naughty or nice? Christmas these days, have our times really did change! I never really realized how easy it is staying a child, i miss the shit out of those days, and why is it that we still give a shit about getting nice and some of those expensive gifts from our loved ones and so forth? Don't get me wrong, I still except gifts and enjoy gifts from people because I enjoy the fact that some of these bastards still really give a shit about me, but, what frustrates me is that some of the things that we get these bastards don't seem to be good enough for them. I sometimes hear people complain and bitch that OMG, that cheap mother fucker bought me a mug, or I got some cheap ass slipper socks from my co-worker, well, who died and made you their bitch lol!  Least some cheap mother fucker thought about you and maybe did'nt know exactly what you liked and thought slipper socks could be useful or maybe you just been a naughty girl or boy and that's just what you got.
 Christmas time these days should be mainly for the kids anyway. It is such a major pain in the ass and pressure even though I really enjoy giving for the holidays than receiving and whatever it is you get from me is what you get, I thought about you, at least I didn't bring you coal like old Saint Nick. One person I do really enjoy getting for is my husband, he made getting gifts for this holiday worth it and special because he is the most appreciative person to get for, he enjoys of the thought that counts, he never asks me for nothing so it just makes me wanna spoil him like a fat kid loves cake. My husband will wear anything and I mean almost anything I get for him and I can tell he really likes it, after all it was thanks to a simple taco that brought us together, lol. I do enjoy trying to buy for my family, but now that I'm having a daughter this year of my own with my husband so next year it's gonna be a little difficult to buy for other's next year so maybe it will just be the Christmas cards then since I got my own to manage for and make special which I gotta figure out and save way in advance to make it a good one for her too like I did have when I was a child because I always did get spoiled by my mom and dad on Christmas. It's funny still to this day at 29, I was just recently back home for Thanksgiving for three weeks and close to time I left in December, my mother went all out and I went home with an extra huge luggage of clothes, jewlry, and sneakers added with my baby shower. So yeah I can be a spoiled little brat, but thanks mom and dad I did always appreciate my Christmas's. 
 Now, living in Florida and away from so many people I know can be really difficult around holidays and birthdays but I gotta admit having a family with over 49 cousins total and a trillion aunts, uncles, and cousins who your very close to is a little less hassle and pressure because I always went all out and got so many of them and it's like you try not to exclude anyone but alot of them I had to or I would have needed 20,000 a year just for presents alone, whew I'm whiping the sweat from my forehead already. So maybe I have been a little naughty myself trying to exscape the hassle of spending, spending, and spending on my bastards who cross my mind on Christmas day lol, now off to the Christmas cards with a note that you still crossed my mind.
 Tree decorating with the Christmas tunes and the hot chocolate, coffee, or tea, now that's what I'm talking about. Still enjoy the giving here in Flordia for the few cool few friends and their kids is cool enough now that there's little less people, now this is good for me and having to wrap only few gifts instead of a trillion and my wrapping paper frustrations from going from neat to chaotic wrapping less fortunate. God, our Lord, now thats a Christmas gift in itself I need to get back to this year especially now that I'm having my daughter on the way, at least I gotta get back to going especially on Christmas since I had really had slacked over the years. The point is anyway for this Hot Topic lingering on my mind tonight is that fact that the little things is what should make this holiday special not what kind of ring did he get you or how many things they got YOU, it the special thing that they thought about you for the money they can afford to spend in this difficult economy, the world today compared to old times is that we all need to be a little more understanding in hard times and be greatful for these small things we are blessed with. Sometimes I think most people just get what they deserve, I'm just saying though. What's your thoughts for Christmas these days? Have you been naughty or nice?        CAROL-J HOT TOPIC says "MERRY CHRISTMAS"!


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