Friday, December 17, 2010


 You can get served with this, you can get serve with that, you get served with this or you can get served like that, you can get served like shit, you can get served in tact, I aint getting served like this, cause this is not where I'm at. Huh, it's funny when I step into a restaurant these days I try to step into the classy type, but the affordable restaurants depending on my budget. Unless I'm not in a Burger King or Taco Bell and into a more fancy spot to get my grub on I better first recognize the service with a smile or it's gonna kill my momentum in getting into making love to my food. Good food to me, I know I'm a little nutty at times but, good food in a good restaurant is like good sex. Unless there is a postive vibe in the air and a comfort feeling it just makes me eat and wanna get off on the run for the border if some know what I mean. This is the funny part, if there's no satisfaction at the end of the total service well then, this means no tippy tippy for the bitchy bitchy as I would say. Sometimes when me and the hubby go out for dinner he asks how much you think I should tip? You think he or she showed good service? Most of the time I let him decide when he's paying but, when I pay since I enjoy trying new restaurants and eating out alot I like to go by the overall service of the place, even including how the food service timing was and how often whether too much or too little did the waiter or waitress check on us for more service. I think I can say I'm pretty fair but, I often become bitchy bitchy myself when the food not fulfilling to my satisfaction and or service and I may leave a penny for a thought to get my point simply across.
   Lol, I remember about a year ago after I first moved to Florida, me and the hubby decided to try this Asian Buffet and yes the girls did check on refills for the soda but rarely at all I needed at least a few and I rarely had seen the waitress at all for refills or to take away our used plates and we had few on the table empty which most buffets they usually come by often to clear some room on the tables for the next dishes. Well, I was trying to rationalize the whole place that it is just a buffet so I was letting it go though I did wanna say something about it. On secondhand, the food from the Asian buffet was very very cold I almost wanted to leave but I was starving. When finally after awhile of waiting for the check I had told the waitress that the food was really cold and not that great this and all the girl said was yeah and she gave a nasty look and stood there and I was getting the money out. Ha, well I thought she would a t least cut some money from the bill or let the manager know at least but for her not really showing any emotion or letting a manager know it was kind of like a "Oh well" type of attitude. Oh well, then that attitude got that bitch a penny tip. She unfortunately looked pissed so I said sorry no tippy tippy and I will never show my face there again. When there are times in good service and service with a smile and not those fake smiles I do tip well from up to ten bucks and that is considered great for the classy but reasonable places I do show to. Even at nail salons when I go to the asians spots to get my eyebrows waxed they all love when I come in cause I tip five to ten for just that when they usually get only two dollars per tip, so waiters, waitresses, and servers of any type of business, make sure you first give that service with a smile! CAROL-J STYLE! Make sure you comment below and join my page here if you haven't join now it's fast and easy.

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