Tuesday, December 28, 2010


 Man, I was gonna say ladies, can't we all just get along, but now i think about it alot these men today start acting like "BITCHES". This would be the only time I would say, MAN UP! I don't like to say that but I understand a man should also have an entitlement to his feelings but I just had to blog on this subject, between everybody in this world. If you let all your resentment out as soon as your feeling a certain way it would be easier for you to be happy because your not holding it all in. I do for sure, I may hurt feelings at times, but I will say how I feel at that particular moment or I'd explode and it be really nasty and it's up to the other person if they wanna forgive my side of the feelings or not, if they don't then it's their loss. I've said what I felt. I'm no longer here to impress the world or certain people in my life, my grandmother does teach me to be the better person at times and forgive and forget. Well, I've gotten better with time in discussing things with her since she seems to be the only real damn person on this planet with common sence.
 My thing is I feel these days alot of people take almost everything important in their life for granted, well sometimes I think most these people need a major loss in their life to rethink whats really important, like family and certain real friends. Gosh, I resented so many in my life in my past, God blessed me recently after some of the big losses I went through with my husband, I feel stronger now then ever and now we're blessed soon with a little girl on the way, people wake the fuck up, your kids are learning bad patterns of jealousy and hatred from "YOU". That's your personal jealousy and issues it really not right to get those thoughts about certain people or family members in the child's head because of you issues. Let the kid be who they are and not you, bad parenting my thought. Get your feelings out upfront, deal your fucking families, be true to the game muthafucker's like you state you are, DEAL WITH IT PERSONALLY NOT IN FRONT OF KIDS. I'm being a preacher here but in a blunt way, it's how I feel, so just saying though and this is for my favrite readers who keep up with my creations and thoughts to share. Don't go visit your family when their half dying and in the hospital or show up to their funerals if you were jealous or have issue for no big deal type of reasons or sometimes people lack their families because their unhappy with their life. Unless they disrespected you and even the men these days, man who gives a fuck what he got or she got, get your own bitch, then you can be just as happy or whatever your petty reason are for hating on people. What goes around does come around believe that maybe your so hating on her or him because where your at in your life, be happy for them, get what you really want in life.
People also these days are so materialistic, I feel like before anyone gets their husband or wife, mom or dad, to buy them a car or house everyone should have to get a bike first before the car and a apartment before they can purchase a house to see the difference of the world and what it's really like to really own up to that materialistic bullshit you like to brag about. Most little girls or boys get things from their parents and they grow up a bitch, well not all, but most. Best believe if my kids disrespect me or my husband or ungrateful for the things we provide for them best believe that shits getting taken back. I can get angry at family and I can also in short time if the person is sincere or me having my grandmothers thoughts in my head to be the better person, I don't need close relatives drama issues or even close frineds but I will state my case too, it's for my freedom of speech except I don't need to do it behind the back first. Man, I still so young and healthy I have time and plan on going back to college to show my daughter whats the right thing to do here on that note. I lived on all sides of the fence, homeless for few months in the streets at one point, I lived good with my grandmother, mom, and four aunts til I was seven, I lived in a house with my dad for short many years, and 18 I hit the road on my own, paying rent at aunts house and so forth. Recently. I packed up my bags with the hubby after a year of both being jobless and hitting down South Florida from the cold Philadelphia City, not knowing where we were going to land when we got there but knowing what we all been through in our lives and belief in eachother found a hotel to stay and shelter til we're ready to pack and move again into our 2 bedroom apartment moving on up again, but this time with our babygirl. There is so much more to learn and grow in life I never stayed where I was unhappy I stick and move and most people complain about what they do have in their lives, but do nothing about it and are miserable them people really got no clue on real earning and working in life getting things on their own, it's taking me forever to complete certain things like collge and so forth because yes I could have had help but husband or parents bu I wanna try to get it and earn it myself, I've indeed traveled far, learned from some mistakes, got wiser then I ever was, so ladies and gentlemen before you wanna talk shit or not be there for whats really important in life in front of you, first remember, "CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG", the world would be a better off place, even for the kids growing up.

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