Sunday, January 9, 2011


 Wow! I am from Philadelphia, but just never been no Eagles fan. I always loved the Dallas Cowgirls since Emitt Smith, Troy Aikman and the Alvin Harper days. Lol, yeah I know some are probably laughing at me right now by this fact, but I just gotta give this guy props and credit for a phenominal year. Michael Vick, you go boy! Most must feel like this guy didn't deserve a second chance in one of the most amazing games known of history of foos'ball football that so many watch worldwide, especially when your caught and charged through an operation of dogfighting illegally with abuse and torment while old baseball hero, Pete Rose, gets banned totally from the major baseball league in sports from being accused and charged in gambing operations, funny stuff right. At first I'll admit I was skeptical. Some might guess the fact that when your making more money then another person or sport you get off a little easier when committing crimes, damn if everyone in the world were sport stars.
   This incredible athlete, Michael Vick started his career years initially at "Warwick High School" playing football and earned a major college scholarship with his amazing skills, cannon like arm, and awesome defense running for great yards that he landed in his endzone at "Virginia Tech College" for start towards his major beginning. Vick has earned many awards in his college days and major NFL career, some that may not have known he was known as the college leagues most valuable player, 1999 Archie Griffin Award, 3rd pick of Heisman voting in 1999, 6th Heisman voting in 2000, Best NFL Player ESPY (Excellence in   
 Sports Performance Yearly) awards giving to deserving athletes giving and supported by the American television network ESPN while celebrating their legacy as a sports channel in case some of you ladies didn't know which I just learned this new fact after some research. Well, I'm trying to make this "CAROL-J's  HOT TOPIC" of the weekend kind of short and to my point here. Oh, one more must I mention is he was 3 times ProBowl selected, so very nice! Yes, so he did do little time for charges of dogfighting and other allegations but he 
was forgiving and giving that second chance of proving himself a better person by dueing his time, preaching to kids on his crimes and how people can make a change and difference in their lives, so in his case thus far since then maybe he did deserve that chance. Vick is back, in shape after getting released from when he first started with his first NFL team the Atlanta Falcons, which almost took away his blessings for good but was granted to be taking in under his changed behaviors by the Philadelphia Eagles. I'm also glad they got rid of the over-rated in my book Donovan McNabb, the Cambell's Soups guy, no offense fans but I think his chances were little short because his momma was feeding him too much of that soup. I guess be careful what you sign for lol.
   Philadelphia no matter the coach, Andy Reid and almost every
 newly signed recent quarterback keeps getting so too close lately but just not taking in the one that counts most, although Campbell Soup did seem to
take them the closest out of the most recent. Michael Vick, I do think he will choose to stay another year with the Philadelphia Eagles. It's his first year back in the game after a few years of his trials and tribulations and he seemed to indeed be giving a chance for turn around and realized that the most through midseason and proved to take them again pretty far. He still has lots left to prove but I feel that next season he will definetely get even better and better. Quarterback Vick and the Eagles were defeated tonight by the GreenBay Packer's with the score in these playoffs 21-16. Close, close, close dammit just no pulling out the cigars this year. It was 1st and 10 near the endzone with little time left on clock until Vick passed the ball toward the
          touchdown zone to rookie, Riley Cooper, when the ball got intercepted by the Packer's cornerback, Tramon Williams who returned the ball to the 10 yard line. Yeah so that is the pretty much wrap of the season for Michael Vick's 2011 better year, too close Philly, just like I stated no cigar, praise the Lord for our Philadelphia Phillies baseball team, maybe they'll bring another year of championship bliss.            Feel Free to comment below and join to follow my daily weekly blogs:
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  1. Damn funny photo when he played on the Falcons you got there, it looks like that dog took major bite out his ass lol!


  3. I am a big Cowboys fan too. I could care less about Vick and the Eagles. He did have a great season this year. If he can keep it up for the next 4 or 5 years, then the Eagles got a steal when they got him!