Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Psy ", U.S. #1 Billboard Charts Rap "Gangnum Style" from S.K. Amazing!

Heyyyyyyy, Sexy Ladiesss !!! Add this writer right here, "CAROL-J" cause i'm getting major hits on this site for views these days if "You want to know about that Gangnum Style"! I am most certainly not sure what this guy is rapping about or even saying, but after hearing this and watching this humorous video, he got me caught up. Give it up for Mr. Korean man from South Korea, "Psy"! Talk about catchy silly humor, took me two times watching this to get into more and reminds me as the video comes on as a scene from "A Weekend at Bernie's", lol, I thought he was gonna start getting up from the chair and bobbling around like Bernie on the beach scene. His real name is "Park Jae-Sang". He was born on December 31,1977 from what I read in his biography in my reaserch from the Wiki "Wikipedia" of record breaking music hitter's today. This guy "Psy" to me personally is the greatest entertainer and most interesting since, "Michael Jackson"! All in beings of the oddly weird, it's funny how the oddly weird always seem to become the hottest in the music market these days, l.o.l, maybe my oddly weirdness will pay off in the business too. Most of this small introductory of research I have found on, "Psy" here came from "Wikipedia" as my source for this information in my words. If I'm not personally giving a rundown of my thoughts on a posted hot topic i most likely got the basic info through a reliable source. Take one close look here for deeper info from writer giving his credits here i found interesting read this a moment in this link written and researched by, "Jaeyeon Woo", from source, "The Wall Street Journal", from Asia here in this link to get more research info today from eight hrs ago: http://blogs.wsj.com/korearealtime/2012/09/25/psy-the-homecoming/
The findings of this "Park Jae-Sang", known today newbie as "Psy", already with over millions of views was founded by a business man named, "Scooter Braun" and his company, "Schoolboy Records", which his label distribution states in "Wikipedia" is by "Universal Republic". "Scooter Braun" is a manager to "Psy" and also he is manager to "Justin Beiber", "Carly Rae Jepson, and "Asher Roth" to name the few more amazing artists. This guy is a pure genious of today's latest artists and different I've seen thus far. I mean Asians and Koreans are not only kick ass business minded people but they sure got hidden talent also, I'm amazed by this guy and he really inspired me to be more myself and care less what other's think in the game. "Psy", you Rock ! "Scooter Braun", you are a definition of a amazing talent finder and business man, I so would love this guy also to be apart of my music management or representing here in the U.S. if I didn't have to dream. Number 1 right now on the U.S. Billboard Charts and the very first from South Korea taking over the world right now as I speak by storm. He be great in movies too, I could tell by the comedy in his character, he don't gotta try to hard to be funny. I thought he was older though in his 40's because he doesn't look so young. I must confess I looked at Billboard magazine and saw this and I was like, seriously from his picture what could he sing to be number 1 on the charts over "Kanye West" new album music, and it actually took me two times before it sucked me in on how i was interested in this new star who practically became a overnight success all from a U-tube video post of this track, "Gangnum Style", "WOW" ! Post written and researched by "CAROL-J" Everett in "CAROL-J's", "Hot Topics" blog report ! And here is a Crazy mommy/daughter "Ariana Everett" which is my daughter loving the song attempting the dance off to this video being silly too having fun! watch us get classy silly ! Ari can move though..... Comments welcome!!!!!!!!!

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