Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Storylane", another Great Exeption for Blogging Worlds to Share In !

Recently speaking, I have been going through my email in which I haven't checked in awhile and I have received this one mail from a blogger/company CEO and needless to say he really enjoyed my works as many other's from this site here on "Blogger" in which I share of my life's interest in hot topics to trends on the rise or already risen findings. Besides the point and to the point, he said pretty much in other words my blog journal writings were awesome and that I should check out his site since he was a "CEO" of "Storylane" and thought I should join and share my works there also. My days now are so booked and time is working and preparing for a album in music I'm been trying to piece together for ages that I want to take my time with for a full successful try on that tip and focus most on my daughter just being 19 months now is little further on a short hold as a indie artist, my job as a mother in my eyes comes first out of all my works of art! "Storylane" is very easily accessible, adding other's is quite easy to do and follow just as the others. The most favorable part of "Storylane" to me personally is that when you first join there's topics of discussion questions you can choose from to do a blog there on such as, "If you could travel anywhere where would you go?", "What is your style in Fashion that you want to share?", "What is the most remembered moment of your life?", etc.. These are just samples I posted of questions similar not exact but it's kind of cool the fact that if your not sure of what to write for the day for some of the new blogger's of the world you can pick a focus question and just go with it, awesome stuff! Just a short blog here on that topic for those getting into blogging worlds to check out but, regardless ot say this is still my first #1 site here on "Blogger" since this was my starting point of writings introduced to me by my husband, which he too has incredible works and writings! So ending on this note, here is a little sample of my profile on "Storylane" so feel free to add and follow me there and share our stories together and comments! http://www.storylane.com/caroljeverett Blogpost Written/Typed By: CAROL-J Everett

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