Thursday, February 3, 2011


Now this new game for 2011, Batman Arkham City, unbelievable amazing trailer scenes are "Kick Ass" by far the most amazing graphics for a superhero game of this category superhero type I have seen in awhile. Usually, I'm the type of chick that when I can get a chance to play video games which is every so often because of my epilepsy ordeal I am limited in playing time and my usual type of games i enjoy the most are fighting and straight shooting games as ones such as "Time Splitter's", "Hunting Games", "Mortal Combat", "Tekkan", oh and most sport games especially all the "Madden's". Actually this is one game I hope my husband will buy to try at least or maybe I can sample it in one of the video game stores that allow fans to try certain ones. My days of video game playing use to be when I was around 12-15 then after I started getting seizures real bad so I cut back alot. It's funny I wish I could play more often then usual these days because I know my husband would love that for me to share with him more but sometimes I do here and there for that quality time share for the same interest. He loves the more role playing games or the RPG's, but those types usually try my patience cause I have so very little but some I try. I just hate sometimes all the wating and reading you have to do then straight kick ass lol. Anyway back to the subject, I just can't believe the technology today, so freaking amazing, this game when I watched the reality of this had me in a trance, hypnotized, wow! Certain things I get attracted to more then some other's and when I am into something I'm locked and focused and wanting more and more, I'm thinking this one may just have me like that, then again we'll have to see. SHORT SIMPLE BLOG WITH CAROL-J HOT TOPIC 2011 NEWS : ADD TO CLICK FOLLOW AND VOTE IN FAVOR TODAY, THANK U ALL TO ALL MY DOWN ASS READER'S WE ROCK CAROL-J FANS! LUV U ALL, STAY POSTED AND ILL TRY TO DO THE SAME! ALSO VISIT MY MUSIC HERE

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