Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hello everybody, your chick right here is back in the writers building. It's been few months since I last blogged about anything since been real busy raising my beautiful mixed blue-green eyed daughter,"Ariana Carol Jean Everett". I am not even gonna lie she's the best thing that ever even happened to me in my life and took my depression away from my aunt's loss yrs back and made me feel reborn to life but, her colic and reflux difficulties had me wanting to pull my hair out, lol. Well, now she's about 5 months almost on the 6th of September and everyday she's getting more and more betterwith her health, eating more, smiling all day which I'm so glad she got personality and is thus far one happy baby which anyway she should be from me holding her 24/7 since the day she been born, yep I guess she got me suckered lol. I most certainly want more kids in future just not now because I just got a new great awesome job as a cook which my little one helped me search deeper in life to try new things and discover one of my other passion for a career in case my music don't pan out but with so much motivation I am in midst of trying to put band together and still accomplish a album on the side so stay tuned, you can hear some of my latest at . So keeping a long s long story short here until my next hot topic for discussion in what's H-O-T here is a little pic of my little angel and me.

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